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Hounomai Otofuke

Welcome to Hounomai Otofuke

We are proud to offer one of the only two that exist in the world for our guests!Natural moor hotspringsHotspring

Hotel Hounomai Otofuke with natural hotsprings can be enjoyed year round.
Our hotel offers a comforting place where our guests can truly relax, a magnificent natural hotspring and cuisine prepared with delicious local ingredients.
We hope you will refresh your mind and body tired from your travels in our warm and welcoming atmosphere and spectacular natural hotspring.



Sightseeing in the vast land of Tokachi and Obihiro
Enjoy the magnificent nature of Hokkaido.

You have to visit Hokkaido to see it!Enjoy the superb scenery.Sightseeing

Tokachi and Obihiro have numerous locations to experience the scenery including beautiful pastures and white birch tree lines. During the summer months you can enjoy fresh green leaves, while in the winter months a white wonderland awaits your visit.
Take time out in Hokkaido to get away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life and spend time relaxing.

  • 白樺並木

Enjoy the beautiful seasonsActivities and natural resourcesActivities

All types of fun activities are at your fingertips including canoe rides, snowmobiling, fishing, horseback riding and more.
The time spent in the great outdoors will take your breath away and make your memories in Hokkaido much more special.

  • 然別湖

Plant-Derived Natural Moor Hotspring

Rare hotspring mineral of the northland
The soft water of this beautifying hotspring has been selected as a natural heritage of Hokkaido

Enjoy one of only two moor hotsprings in the world!Plant-derived natural moor spring water, 100% from its source
All of the water used for showers and baths is from the source.HOT SPRING

The origin of the word "moor" is German and means "peat".The spring passes through a peat layer deep in the ground made up of ancient plant matter.This means that the degrading plant material is the main component of the hotspring and in this respect it is much different from hotsprings with minerals that normally originate from volcanoes.
Plant-derived spring water from moor hotsprings is gentle on the skin and improves skin penetration which promotes active blood flow to quickly warm up the body. In addition, it includes many natural moisturizing ingredients so it has the added benefit of keeping you warm even after having a bath.



In 2021, we installed Tokachi's first auto-löyly system (löyly: a Finnish word for steam produced by adding water to the hot sauna rocks), developed by our company. Automatic control of water supply and intervals maintains appropriate temperature and humidity to promote perspiration and blood circulation. The sauna room is made of cypress wood. The light and sound are kept to a minimum, creating a calm space to harmonize your autonomic nervous system.


ダイニング OWL

Treat yourself to handmade cuisine featuring ingredients from Tokachi.
A variety of plans are available for banquets, memorial services or day trip breaks.
Make sure you try our local menu from Tokachi!

Dining OWL



We offer different selections using local Hokkaido and Tokachi ingredients including an assortment of handmade sausage and bacon, home-made curry, specialty Tokachi pork bowl, fried pork loin set lunch, the Hokkaido specialty Zangi, and our original Owl set lunch.

Opening Hours 17:30~21:00
※Last order 20:30
Dinner Rates Dinner is served from our menu.



Start your important day with a wonderful breakfast. Our morning buffet includes approximately ten different varieties of Japanese and Western cuisine in a bright and open space with refreshing sunlight that pours in through large windows. We put our hearts into our handmade cuisine.

Opening Hours 6:45~9:00 Weekdays
6:45~10:00 Weekends and Holidays
Breakfast Rates Adults - 750 yen
Children (3 years old - elementary school) 500 yen
Infants (Less than 3 years old) Free
*The prices include tax.


We offer a variety of rooms whether you are traveling by yourself or in a large group.
Wi-Fi is available in both the new and old wings.

Single Room

Single Room

Smoking roomNon smoking roomsWired and wireless Internet available

Twin Room

Twin Room

Smoking roomNon smoking roomsWired and wireless Internet available

3bed Room

Single Room < room for long-stay guests >

Smoking roomNon smoking roomsWired and wireless Internet available

Japanese-style Room

Japanese-Western room

Smoking roomWired and wireless Internet available


Our hotel is designed to be free of barriers and handicap accessible for our customers using a wheelchair or the elderly.
We have banquet halls (large and small) for a variety of uses, a restaurant and coin laundry for our guests.

Restaurant「Dining OWL」

Restaurant「Dining OWL」




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